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Our approach to creating applications


Formulation of the problem

We analyze the market and potential target audience to make the project effective and special.



We create the architecture of our project - we develop a navigation model, screens and other elements.


Design and layout

Based on the prototype, our designers create the final visual appearance of the project. We impose under the necessary devices.


Server part

Analyzing the parameters and designing the database. We create a management system, set up a server and API functionality.


Mobile app

Create a mobile application based on an approved design.



We attract potential users for the application, conduct testing and identify the slightest flaws.



We publish the finished application. We transfer the source code and rights to the developed application to the client. Free support app 6 months.

We know how to design and develop a mobile application!

MobFreedom creates mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. At the moment, we have launched more than 100 projects for the largest and most innovative companies in Russia.

Works of our team



Application of the “Western High-Speed Diameter” (WHSD) toll road, St. Petersburg.
Main functions:
- Replenishment of the personal account of the contract
- Setting the Autopayment function
- Connection of tariff options for transponder
- Travel cost calculator
- Information on transponder, contract and balance
- Display of trips, movement of funds on the account



Agency "Fergana" is one of the most read Russian-language sources of news and analytics about Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Application to display news from different countries.
View videos, photos, articl



We have streamlined the ordering of passes. Now you order passes by using a mobile application and monitor the status of your application.

Save your time: no need to call the security post, your information will be recorded correctly, the pass will be guaranteed to the security and the guest will not will have to wait.

For the application to work, you must configure the cloud service by an authorized representative of the management company / administration.

The delivery service “Okrestniy Mir”

The delivery service “Okrestniy Mir”

The delivery service “Okrestniy Mir” application for the delivery of water and food.

The application is associated with a system for processing and distributing orders.
The application is cross protformeno with the site - everything that the client adds to the basket or to the favorites is displayed both in the application and on the site.



Application-catalog of alcoholic beverages.
The application allows you to scan the excise stamp to check the license.
There is a function of recognizing wine by etiquette for quick search and display of a rating.



We created an app for parents and children on the iOS platform from scratch. The entire process took only 2 months.
A very beautiful, user-friendly, modern, clear end-user application.
The app will help you create an unforgettable holiday for your child.
We are proud of this work, as we faced 2 most difficult tasks - to meet a tight deadline with a limited budget and we successfully coped with both tasks!
You can easily find the app in the Appstore and download it from the link below.

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Project manager

We have been successfully cooperating with Mobfreedom for over a year now. The company is notable for its informal attitude and willingness to dive into the problems of customers.
Mobfreedom fulfilled all its obligations on time and in time passed the work.
We were satisfied 100% with the quality, involvement and participation of the team.
We continue to work on the project, and also plan to launch an additional project in parallel.


Project Manager Moscowine

Were very pleased with the work of the guys!
Everything was done quickly, efficiently and most importantly at affordable prices.
Without the guys, we would not have been able to launch our project, and thanks to them for telling us not only about the application, but also on our website, this is what the high professionalism of the team means!


Head of IT Near World

We had a very difficult project, with complex integrations with our internal systems, with Bitrix 1C, we also had to reduce 2 development teams - ours and Mobfreedom, in general, the tasks were not very simple, so the guys managed to cope with them and make a quality application solving all our tasks and desires!



Quickly, efficiently, at the highest level, what else can you say!
Thanks guys!
We will come to them again!